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Since 1984 I have successfully reviewed thousands of resumes, making them dynamic and focused “sales brochure” instead of historical “obituaries.” In person or email clients very welcome for 45 minute session.

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One doesn’t expect to have to find a new job when you have worked at a great company for over 19 years; but that is the situation I found myself when I started to work with Peter.

I had no idea the path I was starting on but Peter guided me the entire way.  He was there as I tried to figure out what I wanted to do next (the key words being “what I wanted” not what I was supposed to do), he was there as I worked through a resume redesign that I could never have imagined but absolutely love, interview after interview, volunter opportunity after volunteer opportunity, random job lead after random job lead etc. In short, he held my hand, cheered me on, helped me sort out the confusion and picked me up and got me back on track when needed.  He also proofed and consulted on so many resume and cover letter customizations that I have loss track.  Through it all he was accessible, compassionate and my ultimate cheerleader.

I just accepted a new job and I couldn’t be more excited.  This new job is the perfect match for me and I would have never had landed it without his guidance and support.  Thank you Peter!

Sharon Mc Fadden May 3, 2017