Rod Richards
Marketing, sales, market research and brand management

I have known Peter since I moved to Oregon in the fall of 1992. I know of nobody who has more insights into the Portland job market. But Peter offers more – he is gifted at guiding his job seeking clients to use their best passions and interests as guideposts to finding career satisfaction. In the Internet Age, more than ever, we have a snowglobe of “must do or must not do” Internet advice and he helps clients cut to the chase. His wisdom is that one thing has not changed, it’s real people that make all the difference. I’m ever grateful for Peter’s help through the years.

Henry A. Balensifer III
Communications/Government Relations Manager at LEKTRO, Inc.

I had become very discouraged trying to find a job in 2012, but Peter helped pick me up and helped me define what it was I was looking for in a job and in my career. He also helped me develop personal goals that have helped me regain my pride and self-respect.

If you are overwhelmed or feel lost in the job market, don’t hire just any career coach; hire Peter. He cares and helps with your personal as well as professional life.

Mark Engelstad
Managing Member at Seek First Consulting

Peter has a wonderful way of pulling true self out of yourself and looking at who you are and what you really want through his Career Makers Courses. I highly recommend

Nicholas Gilman
Co-Founder – Kimera Systems

Pete is one of those people about whom I say “I wish I’d met him sooner than I did.” You’ll find Pete at the intersection of Expertise, Personable and Insight. He’s able to get to the nub of questions about career choices and help you find the right answers for you. I have known Pete for nearly twenty years and consider him a friend, wise counsel and mentor. Using the methods that Pete espouses for considering and making career choices has changed my life for the better. I’m a fan!

Stephen Achilles
President at ConserveNW

I first worked with Peter and CareerMakers in the 1990s. My relationship with Peter is something I value to this day. People engaged in an active job search are often going through a challenging time. Peter’s calmness and ability to teach the tools of an effective search has helped thousands of people not only find a job but a great job and often a new career. While most service providers provide good support during the initial transition the long-term relationships that Peter develops make him unique in a competitive industry.

Joan Sampson, SPHR
HR Business Partner – PacifiCorp

Peter is the real deal….people matter to him and that shows. As an entrepreneur with varied experiences, Pete understands what employers need and want. He also understands what those underemployed, out of work, and unhappy in their jobs may be feeling. It’s a combination that serves to inspire people through practical help to find positions which they feel passionate about!

Pete Lerner
Teacher/Trainer/Adjunct Instructor

I first met Peter in 1991 when I became a client of CareerMakers. Peter has always been an incredibly ethical and professional resource, regarding any of my career decisions. Whether it be dealing with a work related issue such as the best way to negotiate difficult situations at a job or deciding if I want to embark on a new more challenging and exciting career opportunity. I would encourage any individual that is need of career advice or company that is dealing with an issue such as downsizing to contact Peter, since he would be a fantastic, empowering asset.

Jeff Carter
Principal at Southtown Projects, Inc

Over the years I’ve done business with Peter, I’ve had the opportunity to meet and do business with some of his clients. Their positive feedback and their endorsement of his services speak for themselves. Peter is a caring, contentious coach and mentor, and his approach to finding the job you love is spot on. If you need assistance in finding the right job for your life, I highly recommend Peter Paskill and CareerMakers

Rich Lehmann
Passionate Operational Leader – Nike

In my 1+ year of job transition, I have been meeting one-on-one with Peter on a regular basis, at least every other week. He is, to state it simply, one of the best, if not the best, counselor and advisor I have had the pleasure to work with during my career.

Peter was instrumental in helping me develop my overall transition strategy. I gained trust and confidence in him immediately. I feel I can use Peter as a sounding board on anything related to my transition. He listens, really listens, with compassion. He asks tough questions, challenges me, and gives me excellent insight and perspective. I find Peter, through both his experience and inherent talents, is a deeply caring individual. I have had several coaches throughout my career, and the one quality I believe sets Peter apart, in addition to his caring and empathy, is his sense of duty and responsibility to the client. As an example, Peter, very early in our relationship, gave me his personal cell phone number urged me to call him anytime, day or night. I don’t believe many coaches and transition service providers give this level of commitment to the individual client.

I strongly feel Peter would provide an outstanding level of service to anyone going through career transition and I am delighted to give my highest recommendation of him.

Nancy Kerrigan, PHR
HR Professional – Western Communications

I’ve known Peter for about 10 years now. He has always been a crusader for those who are unemployed giving of his time, talent and treasures. His book, “Finding a New and Better Fantastic Job” changed the way I looked at my job search and my career in general. Most recently, he donated copies of his book to the Clark Center for the Homeless. Peter is a great human being.