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Realistic Job Search

Posted by on Sep 11, 2013 in Blog

Most folks know more about buying a car than they do about finding or creating a new and rewarding employment opportunity. Think about the process generally used in selecting a new car and then compare that to the process used to find a new job. If we are honest with ourselves, we will probably have to admit that we are not nearly as pro-active when looking for work.

We take buying a new car seriously because it is a big deal. But bigger than a new job? I don’t think so!!

Finding a new job today, especially one that puts a smile on your face is full of challenges, but certainly not impossible especially if you take your unique skills, gifts, talents and interests seriously. There is no one just like you, so having focus and clarity will set you aside from other job seekers.

Using personal relations is all-important when looking for a new job. People who know and like you will be your biggest asset as they have your best interests at heart. Strangers don’t. Your network has more to do with the quality of people you surround yourself with rather than the quantity. You really want to have personal advocates rather than strangers as it is from these people your new, better fantastic job will come from.

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Job Market Today

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 in Blog

Sadly, the majority of new hirings today are for part-time positions, which are generally lower paying jobs offering limited benefits. This trends hold true in Oregon and around the country.

This challenging reality makes it so important that job seekers fully understand the overall job getting process, which unfortunately, most folks don’t. Bottom line, finding or creating meaningful work today has more to do with who you know rather then what you know. 80-85% of our clients are be hired today using personal referrals.

Having an effective plan of action is all-important. Taking your skills, traits, knowledge and applying them to specific areas of interest is so important. With full-time positions being at such a premium, it is vital that we develop and use personal advocates within the businesses/organizations we want to work for. Without these, we really face the grim reality of note getting the job we want.

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We Have Friends

Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Blog

We have the greatest customers!

When it comes right down to it, we are very much in the business of people helping people find or create new and rewarding employment opportunities. After all is said and debated about the best way to find new jobs, the fact remains that people don’t hire applications or resumes, they hire people they are comfortable with.

Companies and individuals choose CareerMakers in just the same way. Yes, we help them solve their challenges and needs, but the decision to use our services is really based on personal comfort, that often difficult-to-describe confidence that CareerMakers will offer both the emotional support and the analytical understanding of what it really takes in today’s world to transition from one job to another.

And we know it works, because every week a CareerMakers client gets a new job. We are so blessed to be a part of this achievement, and we are more appreciative of the confidence and support of our business partners who use our services. adidas, Portland General Electric, Clean Water Services, Kershaw Knives/KAI USA, Multnomah Athletic Club and Lewis & Clark College just to name a few.

Thanks to each of you!

Also at the top of our gratitude list are our CareerMakers clients and friends, whose gracious referrals truly reflect our spirit and personal concern for each person we are privileged to serve. The individuals referred to us are very special too. While they are often experiencing trauma and difficulties, they are nonetheless committed to finding a better job for themselves, and they have the willingness to expend the time, energy and effort to make it happen.

Thanks to each of you who have sent folks our way – you are the best!

Making the transition from one job to another is not easy, we understand that every day. But with the dedication shown by our clients and with of individuals people sharing their objectivity, perspective and contacts, the whole process works and the transition is made so much easier than when trying to go it alone.

Thanks to all our friends. Each of you in your own way represents the best in us ….the desire to help and be of service to other people.


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WHY DO YOU STAY? Three Questions To Understanding Your Job Rut

Posted by on Oct 16, 2012 in Blog

Are you bored at work? Do you yearn for fulfillment and excitement, yet are afraid to leave or explore?

Well, you are not alone. The vast majority of unhappy workers are paralyzed by some fear which effectively keeps them showing up for work, dreading each day, but frozen by their fears. Here are a few examples for you to ponder, at the very least they may well ring true for you so you’ll know you are not alone with your fears.

Are you addicted to perks?

Paycheck; medical benefits; pension plan, etc. Who says that you can’t receive equal or greater perks working somewhere else?

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that just because you’ve worked at the same job for so many years that you’ll not be able to duplicate your perks if you leave. Don’t play “mind games” with yourself here. Go out and talk to people, do your research, you may well be very surprised at the perks available to you working somewhere else.

Are you addicted to security?

The very thought of losing the comfort of familiarity scares you to death. There is no such thing as long-term security. If we ever had it, it is now long gone. Very few of us really enjoys change, but it is far easier if change can occur on your terms, rather than someone else’s.

By taking your transferable skills and achievements seriously and continuously keep you eyes and ears open to your surroundings, you stand a much better chance of having some control over your own security by being pro-active, rather than waiting for something to happen,

Are you rationalizing?

There’s nothing our there for me ……. fill in the blank …..(at my age …. without an appropriate degree ….at the hours I want ….. at the pay I require). It’s all too easy for us to ask and answer the concerns in our minds, without the benefit of “outside” objectivity or perspective.

We really become our own worst enemy because we don’t go to other people and ask the question “How can I?” You are what you are and that’s wonderful.

Rationalize first that there are jobs available right now for who you are right now. So go ahead and stop rationalizing in your head and go out, research with people …anytime, anywhere, anyplace. I think that you will be pleasantly surprised about what you learn.

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