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Internet Reality

Posted by on Oct 15, 2018 in Blog

The Internet, From My Perspective,

Fact and Fantasy:FACT: Probably one of our greatest inventions

FANTASY: One big paid unregulated ad

FACT: In using the internet, be a careful consumer

FANTASY: The jobs I am looking for are all posted on the internet  While the internet is a marvelous invention and most of us would be hard pressed to get along without it today, for the job seeker or career changer, being a very careful consumer of information is absolutely critical. From my window on the world, internet job posting have more to do with deselecting rather than selecting. It is not about if the hiring process right or wrong, legal or illegal, abiding by laws, rules and regulations, it is the reality of how it really works.   Behind the internet job posting scene, there are sophisticated applicant tracking systems, which have more to do with the collecting of applicant information rather than applicant selection. In fact, by name these are “tracking” systems, not “hiring” systems. A growing number of companies, organizations and agencies are required to comply with various laws and these applicant tracking systems provide an efficient process for appropriate data collection.   Also, many smaller companies and organization who have the potential of good pay,benefits and security are often reluctant to post opening as they are wary of being overwhelmed with electronic responses from individuals they have no knowledge of. Personal networking, leading to personal referrals and advocacy is really the most effective way of accessing these potential employers, at least in my view.   Any while there is no absolute one right way of finding or creating a new and rewarding employment opportunity, I feel that a balanced approach is the most effective. With 80%-85% of my clients finding new jobs via personal referrals, then a like percentage of you search time should be devoted to people networking and the remainder to the internet and the various tools it offers and promotes.   In the end, people hire people, and more often than not, ones that are positively referred, or are otherwise known. At my last check, the internet and computers still really don’t hire anyone.   All my best,

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The Last Truth

Posted by on Oct 1, 2018 in Blog

Job Search Truth #10: A successful job search or career transition is 20 percent analytical, technique, strategy, planning and 80 percent emotion –  how you are feeling about yourself and your ability to relate to the rest of the world.  My clients who end up with meaningful work made a “doable” plan of action and put one foot in front of the other to execute it. They are both disciplined and flexible, optimistic and cautious, analytical and emotional. The path to their new work did not run in a nice, tidy, straight line. Instead, it was a path of zigs and zags, hairpin turns and detours. But in the end, truly supported by what they wanted and were committed and willing to find or create they found or created a new, better fantastic job.   Understanding, and taking seriously the emotional side of the job or career transition is critical. Too many job seekers are walking around with what I call “The Emotional Flu.” Not feeling good about themselves, their world or the people in their world. Taking seriously what puts a smile on your face and surrounding yourself with like minded and positive people goes a long way to give you the emotional energy to go out and find the job that is just right for you,   Over the past few weeks I have drawn on my clients experiences to give you their their 10 tips or “Truths” on what it takes to “do it” … find work that is, for you, worth doing. Taking them seriously you will find the process of finding or creating a new job easier and much more  effective.   Happy hunting and my best wishes to each of you for much success and happiness in your life.   And lastly, please remember that today is not a dress rehearsal.

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Another Truth For You

Posted by on Sep 6, 2018 in Blog

Job Search Truth #8: You do not need a resume to do a job search.   Based on what I’ve learned “on the street” over the past 34 years, you do not write a resume until you have done your research. That is why I say that you do not need a resume to do a job search. A successful search if first about finding out what’s out there in your areas of interest that fits what you really want. Then, when you make the decision to generate job interviews in your area of interest, you might need a resume to become a viable candidate to interview for a position.   And, you might not. You may develop such a good rapport with your prospective employer that he/she simply invites you to come to work! This really does happen quite often. Larger companies may need your resume to satisfy a human resources requirement that sounds something  like, “It’s company policy that every employee has a resume on file.” In which case, if you are asked for your resume, you could be writing it for the human resource file. Your resume is simply a formality because the person who has the power to hire has requested you for the position.   Whatever the case, from my perspective, any resume you write should illustrate transferable skills and experiences that are aligned with a particular position. Your resume is then targeted to that position and is not as effective in any other situation.    As I’ve written about earlier, effective written documentation requires extensive person to person research which realistically allows you to move from the “I wonder” to the “I Know.”

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Realistic Job Search

Posted by on Sep 11, 2013 in Blog

Most folks know more about buying a car than they do about finding or creating a new and rewarding employment opportunity. Think about the process generally used in selecting a new car and then compare that to the process used to find a new job. If we are honest with ourselves, we will probably have to admit that we are not nearly as pro-active when looking for work.

We take buying a new car seriously because it is a big deal. But bigger than a new job? I don’t think so!!

Finding a new job today, especially one that puts a smile on your face is full of challenges, but certainly not impossible especially if you take your unique skills, gifts, talents and interests seriously. There is no one just like you, so having focus and clarity will set you aside from other job seekers.

Using personal relations is all-important when looking for a new job. People who know and like you will be your biggest asset as they have your best interests at heart. Strangers don’t. Your network has more to do with the quality of people you surround yourself with rather than the quantity. You really want to have personal advocates rather than strangers as it is from these people your new, better fantastic job will come from.

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Job Market Today

Posted by on Aug 14, 2013 in Blog

Sadly, the majority of new hirings today are for part-time positions, which are generally lower paying jobs offering limited benefits. This trends hold true in Oregon and around the country.

This challenging reality makes it so important that job seekers fully understand the overall job getting process, which unfortunately, most folks don’t. Bottom line, finding or creating meaningful work today has more to do with who you know rather then what you know. 80-85% of our clients are be hired today using personal referrals.

Having an effective plan of action is all-important. Taking your skills, traits, knowledge and applying them to specific areas of interest is so important. With full-time positions being at such a premium, it is vital that we develop and use personal advocates within the businesses/organizations we want to work for. Without these, we really face the grim reality of note getting the job we want.

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